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Fig. 4.13 Marche region, Italy. Small, rural settlements scattered in the hills and valleys
An epic phenomenon, according to the Population Division of the United
Nations, which means only one thing: the Earth is at risk of coming up short
in terms of environmental sustainability and energetic consumption . Not only
that, population growth is confronted every day with the malfunctioning of the
cities and their metabolism, through settlement dispersion , building waste,
the consequent destruction of the natural heritage and agricultural land ,
traffic congestion, and finally, the catastrophic effects of climate change. All
of these signals are manifest in the degradation of the landscape and the qual-
ity of life for city inhabitants, with a consequent profound crisis in contempo-
rary living.
The City in Crisis
Instead of the many settlement models indicated previously, what about sim-
ply consolidating a model of “shrinking cities” [24]? Certainly, today a reflec-
tion is called for on how not to lead the city of tomorrow into collapse by acti-
vating a complicated lifesaving course in the name of sustainability, with the
primary goal of improving the quality of life of the population.
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