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Fig. 8.7.15 REM (Marche Environmental Network). Detailed drawing of the REM for the
environmental system of wetlands. Over time, humid areas have experienced such profound
alterations that today, native humid areas can be considered to have disappeared. The nodes are
therefore limited to a few fluvial patches that are particularly well conserved, and to some
artificial basins that are home to hydroelectric power plants or former hillside mining areas. In the
study, we highlight the extraordinary potential of many areas if they are appropriately requalified.
In particular, many urban fabrics (see the proximity in blue and gray ) can reestablish a quality
relationship with waterways that cross the primary regional centers and with the river mouth areas
that skirt the main coastal settlements
view, the residual agricultural areas or those marked by natural values,
which are found compressed between urban residential areas and
productive/commercial areas, undertake a role to preserve the relationship
between the river corridor and the fabric modified by humans. These same
areas are the object of interventions for the mitigation of impacts generated
by the extension and joining together of the built areas (Fig. 8.7.21).
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