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Table Scoring system for the evaluation of building eco-sustainability
Environmental issues
Component's indicator
Environmental surroundings
Visual-perceptive comfort
Integration in the context
External air quality
Local atmospheric pollution
Electromagnetic fields
Electromagnetic pollution
(high/low frequency)
Acoustic exposition
Acoustic pollution
Ground quality
Ground pollution
Water quality
Water pollution
A common identification of the elementary components is represented by:
underground and surface water; atmosphere; noise, vibrations; radiations;
ground, underground; vegetation, wildlife or, generally speaking, ecosystem;
and public health.
The identification is not univocal, and it is usually adapted to the spe-
cific situation examined. As an example, the subdivision into components
of the external environmental quality the region of Tuscany opted for in the
guidelines for sustainable constructions, is reported in Table . Such
components identify a scoring systems for the evaluation of building eco-
sustainability .
It is clear how the issue of the quality of the environmental components
is faced by means of the measure of the reciprocal concept, i.e., pollution.
For instance, air quality is related to atmospheric pollution, which is
intended to be “ the air quality status consequent to the introduction of any
substance in such measure and conditions to alter air healthiness and to
constitute direct/indirect prejudice for human health, as well as damage for
public/private goods . 15
Taking into account the example of the atmosphere-air quality compo-
nent, the concept of indicator to achieve the complete definition of an eval-
uation method for environmental quality has to be introduced at this point.
The use of indicators by human beings is a solid tool of knowledge and
interpretation. The indicators are fundamental in organizing the informa-
tion for the methods finalized to environmental evaluation (EIA-
Environmental Impact Assessment; SEA - Strategic Environmental
Assessment) or environmental reporting. Indicator means an empirically
observable, calculable, or monitorable characteristic (or pool of character-
15 APAT (2006) Qualità dell'ambiente urbano III rapporto. APAT Edizione (APAT: Italian envi-
ronmental protection agency).
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