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region. The “Ceinture Verte,” introduced at the same time as the “Plan
Vert,” part of the Schéma Directeur de la Région de l'Île-France in 1994,
concerns an area heavily pressured by urban development, in which open
spaces show increasing fragility because of the difficult transition between
urban, peri-urban, and rural contexts. Peri-urban agricultural territories
assume in this region the role of local development projects, whose man-
agement is entrusted to agro-urban programs aimed at establishing partici-
patory processes between farmers and communities on issues related to the
management, maintenance, and development of rural areas. These pro-
grams, along with specific policies for rural area development, have been
generating new processes of economic, social, and environmental revital-
ization, that are increasing over time as different actions take consistency
within individual local projects. It is a process that aims to restore the
imbalances between the city and open spaces by enhancing the multifunc-
tionality of agriculture into its material and symbolic components. This is
a process capable of guaranteeing the development of this new rurality, the
enhancement of local values and economies, and the construction of new
forms of contemporary landscape .
European Community policies all turn to this direction, in all issues,
starting from the “ Europe 2020 strategy” 5 , whose main aim is to stimulate
sustainable, smart, and inclusive growth, in which local communities play
a central role as actors and stakeholders 6 . The aims to be achieved and the
risks to be avoided are now clear; planning is responsible for the implemen-
tation and for giving consistency to these innovative policies and strategies.
The challenge we face is crucial, not only for environmental preservation,
but mainly to ensure high levels of quality of life for the communities.
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