HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 21-1. Shaded region is removed
The keyword auto can be used as a value for the right or bottom side to refer to the
full width or height of the element, respectively. This keyword is also the default value for
the clip property, which then means that the element is not clipped.
/* Remove 100px from left and top */
clip: rect(100px, auto, auto, 100px);
/* No clipping */
clip: auto;
To support IE7 and below, the commas in the rect() function need to be left out.
This nonstandard syntax is supported in all major browsers.
/* Backwards compatible IE4-7 syntax */
clip: rect(100px 500px 300px 100px);
Positioned elements that overlap each other are normally layered according to their
order in the web document. This natural stacking order can be altered with the z-index
z-index (positioned) : auto | <integer>
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