HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 11
The text properties serve to format the visual appearance of text content.
The color property sets the color of text by using either one of the color notations. By
default, its value is set to inherit , meaning that it inherits the color of its parent element.
color : inherit | <color>
The initial value is black for all major browsers. In the following example rule,
paragraphs are colored blue:
p { color: #00f; }
text-transform controls text casing. Possible values are listed as follows, with none as the
initial value:
text-transform : inherit | none | uppercase | lowercase | capitalize
This property enables text to be converted into either uppercase or lowercase letters.
The capitalize value capitalizes the first letter of each word. This property inherits by
default, so the none value can be used to remove an inherited text-transform effect.
text-transform: none; /* remove effect */
One or more visual effects to text can be added with the text-decoration property.
text-decoration : none | underline + overline + line-through + blink
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