HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
This selector matches paragraphs that follow <div> elements.
<div>Not red</div>
<p>Not red</p>
Descendent selector
The descendent selector matches an element if it is the child or grandchild of another
element. It is useful when you want to apply a style to an element only when it resides
within another element.
div p { background: gray; }
The preceding rule applies to the following paragraph because it descends from a
<div> element:
Direct child selector
The direct child selector matches its second element if it is the immediate descendant of
its first element.
div > span { color: green; }
When applied to the following markup, this rule will color the second <span>
element green. The first <span> element is not colored because it is not a direct child of
<div> .
<span>Not green</span>
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