HTML and CSS Reference
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The :first-of-type pseudo-class matches the first child element that is of the
selected type.
p:first-of-type {} /* first <p> element */
It matches the first paragraph element in the following markup:
<p>First of type</p>
The last sibling of a specific type can be selected with the :last-of-type pseudo-class.
strong:last-of-type {} /* last <strong> element */
This rule applies to the last <strong> element among its siblings.
<strong>Last of type</strong>
The :nth-child(an + b) pseudo-class matches every b child element after the children
have been divided into groups of a elements.
p:nth-child(1) {} /* first child */
p:nth-child(2n) {} /* even children */
p:nth-child(2n+1) {} /* odd children */
These rules apply to the following HTML markup:
<span>First and odd</span>
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