Environmental Engineering Reference
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Which emergency functions (e.g., firefighting, engineering, medical) should
be deployed?
Who will be in charge of each specific emergency response function?
Where should the command post(s) be located?
Who decides which protective actions to recommend?
Will environmental testing be required?
Who decides when the emergency is over?
Who is responsible for recovery operations?
A response organization, complete with command structure, should be devel-
oped. One method of arriving at this is to first develop a responsibility matrix of
emergency organization functions versus the departments or positions that will
have primary and support responsibilities for performing them. An example of
such a matrix is presented in Figure 5.2.
Initial-Response Organization
The timely implementation of appropriate initial response actions may
significantly mitigate the consequences of an emergency. One person should be
designated to be in charge of the initial response. Usually, responsibility for
coordinating these early emergency response actions is assigned to the shift
supervisor. The shift supervisor assumes the function of emergency director and
assesses the level of severity of the emergency event using the emergency action
Emergency responsibility matrix.
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