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Malaria a
Plasmodium vivax,
P. malariae,
P. falciparum,
P. ovale
Humans and infected
mosquitoes, found
between 45 Nand
45 S latitude and
where average
summer temperature
is above 70 Forthe
average winter
temperature is above
48 F or the average
winter temperature is
above 48 F
Bite of certain species of
infected anopheles and
injection or transfusion of
blood of infected person
Average of 12
days for
falciparum, 14 for
vivax, 30 for
sometimes delayed
for 8 - 10 months
Resudual insecticide on
inside walls and places
where anopheles rests.
Community spraying.
Screen rooms and use
bed-nets in edemic areas.
Apply repellents to skin
and clothing. Eliminate
breeding places by
drainage and filling; use
larvicides; oil and Paris
green. Suppressive
drugs, treatment, health
education. Gambusia
affinis fish for larvae
Rift Valley fever b
Virus of Rift
Valley fever
Sheep, cattle, goats,
monkeys, rodents
Probably through bite of
infected mosquito or other
blood-sucking arthropod;
laboratory infections and
Usually 5 - 6 days
Precautions in handling
infected animals.
Protection against
mosquitoes in endemic
areas. Care in laboratory.
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