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Lyme disease
White-footed field
mice in eastern
United States and
lizards and
jack-rabbits in the
West; ixodid tick
feeds on and
survives on
white-tailed deer
Bite of infected deer tick
nymph and adult
3 - 32 days,
average 7 days
Identify and post infested
areas and educate public
to avoid ticks. Use
repellent — deet or
pemethrin. Inspect for
presence of ticks, also
cats and dogs, and
remove without crushing.
Early treatment if bitten.
Source: Various sources and ref. 3.
a Investigation and survey usually precede preventive and control measures.
b “The association of seropositive opossums with human cases of murine (endemic) typhus in southern California and the heavy infestation of the animals with
Ctenocephalides felis which readily bite man, suggest that opossums and their ectoparasites are responsible for some of the sporadic cases of typhus in man.”
W. H. Adams, R. W. Emmons, and J. E. Brooks, “The Changing Ecology of Murine (Endemic) Typhus in Southern California,” Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg .(March
1970): 311 - 318.
c African trypansomiasis, or Chagas disease, affects 16 - 18 million people with 90 million at risk according to the WHO, Nation's Health (July 1990): 9.
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