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Chapter 3. Adding Hardware Security
with the CryptoCape
This chapter continues our custom security hardware journey by using a BeagleBone
Black (BBB) cape . In BeagleBone parlance, a cape is a daughterboard that attaches to the
BBB. We'll briefly introduce hardware cryptographic devices and then explore the
CryptoCape, which is a BBB cape containing numerous security features. We'll describe
the process of creating your own cape using the CryptoCape as an example. This chapter
introduces the crypto chips on the cape and shows you how to implement a biometric au-
thentication device using the CryptoCape and a fingerprint scanner.
This chapter will discuss the following topics:
• The pros and cons of hardware-based cryptography
• An overview of the CryptoCape
• How cape EEPROMs enable automatic hardware configuration on the BBB
• How to use the CryptoCape's real-time clock
• How to program an ATmega328p from BBB
• How to implement a biometric authentication system
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