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Continuing with Tor-related projects
This project is just the first step in learning Tor. If you want to route more traffic with BBB,
you can switch from a bridge to a public relay. Relays receive more traffic but are also
more public. Your IP address will be listed as a public bridge, and some websites will re-
fuse to serve you content even if you are running a nonexit relay.
You can also run a Tor hidden service on the BeagleBone. Using Tor with a client helps to
anonymize your IP address to a server, but a Tor hidden service hides the server's IP ad-
dress from a client. It would be an interesting project for a BeagleBone if you had a service
that you want accessible only through Tor.
Hardware-wise, consider placing the BeagleBone and front panel in a dedicated enclosure.
See whether there is a local hackerspace around you, and they may be able to help you
make a nice laser-cut enclosure! If you don't have a laser cutter, you can use a SparkFun
Electronics box like the one in the following screenshot:
The onion logo is a registered trademark of the Tor Project, used with permission. The
BeagleBridge project described in this chapter is not affiliated to the Tor Project.
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