Hardware Reference
In-Depth Information
Developing the software using Python libraries
The software for this project is freely available for download at https://github.com/jbdatko/
beagle-bone-for-secret-agents/ . In this section, we'll highlight the finer details of working
with the existing libraries and outline the architecture of the project. The code uses many
asynchronous callbacks from these libraries since there are several concurrent activities:
the Tor bridge, the bandwidth knob, writing to the LCD, and blinking of the LED. To inter-
act with the bridge, we'll use the Tor Stem library ( https://stem.torproject.org/ ) , and to in-
teract with the hardware, we'll use Adafruit's BeagleBone Python library ( ht-
tps://github.com/adafruit/adafruit-beaglebone-io-python ) .
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