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Using an LCD to display status information
Our Tor bridge generates a lot of metadata, such as the bandwidth usage, the number of
connections, and some Tor-specific statistics. For a home network, it's useful to know how
much bandwidth your bridge is using, and it would be nice to know this without logging in
to BBB all the time. In the serial LCDs, we will draw a graphical representation of the
bandwidth usage. We'll use ten bars, each representing a tenth of the available bandwidth.
If you see five bars, then the bridge is using half of the available bandwidth. The LCD se-
lected for this project was LCD-09067 (SparkFun Electronics).
SparkFun Electronics is an international distributor that ships products from Boulder, Col-
orado, in the United States. Some of the more common components recommended in this
topic can be replaced with equivalent ones in your local electronic store if you are trying to
save on shipping. You don't need to type in each component; they are all listed in one con-
solidated wish list at https://www.sparkfun.com/wish_lists/93119 .
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