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Setting bridge-specific settings
There are three bridge specific settings: BridgeRelay , ServerTransportPlugin ,
and ExtORPort . The BridgeRelay setting is the key setting that defines your relay as
a bridge. Your bridge's meta information is published in the bridge database instead of the
public directory server, which keeps your bridge's IP less public than a Tor relay's IP ad-
dress. ServerTransportPlugin defines which pluggable transport proxy your bridge
supports. Currently, ScrambleSuit is the latest promising pluggable transport technology.
However, obfs3, which is the transport enabled in our bridge configuration example, is
slightly more mature and it is the more conservative recommendation. Lastly, ExtORPort
allows the gathering and reporting of bridge statistics to the Tor Project.
For those who are interested in running the ScrambleSuit obfsproxy, take a look at the fol-
lowing link on how to configure your bridge: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/torrelays/
2014-February/003886.html .
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