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XKCD fans of comic 378, should press M-x and then type butterfly . Be sure to re-
spond yes to the question Do you really want to unleash the powers of the butterfly? For
background on M-x butterfly, see https://xkcd.com/378/
Using Emacs dired to copy files to and from BBB
Another routine and tedious task is to copy files from the host to the target or vice versa.
Most likely, you can use the command line and a tool such as scp to send files back and
forth. Emacs dired using TRAMP will make this task much simpler. In a dired buffer,
press C to invoke the dired-do-copy function. This will prompt you for the destina-
tion. If you specify a remote address such as /ssh:bbb:/home/debian , then dired
will copy the files over SSH. You can copy multiple files by marking them with m and
then pressing C . The reverse, copying files from BBB to the host, is the same process.
This prevents you from having to drop to a shell and use scp .
There are many resources online to learn Emacs. If you are an IRC user, the #emacs
channel on Freenode is the watering hole of many experienced Emacs users. The
Emacs wiki is also a good starting point for Emacs research, which has a Emacs newbie
entry ( http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/EmacsNewbie ). The built-in help system is quite
extensive. To receive help on the help system, press C-h ? .
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