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If the tramp-default-method variable is set to ssh , then you can shorten your
URLs to /bbb:/home/debian . You can view the state of the variable by evaluating it.
To evaluate Emacs Lisp, press M-: and then type tramp-default-method and the
mini buffer should reply with ssh .
For more information on dired or anything about Emacs, you can view the built-in doc-
umentation by pressing C-h r . If you scroll or search (by pressing C-s ), you'll find the
dired manual on that page. The manual uses the info viewer, and you can read about
this by pressing C-h i to get the main information page and then pressing h .
One of the features of Emacs is its extensibility. Presumably, you will be connecting to the
BBB often, pressing C-x d , and typing /ssh:bbb:/home/debian can be tiresome.
Let's define a new key sequence to make this easier. Switch to the scratch buffer in
Emacs. This can be done by pressing C-x b , then typing *scratch , and then hitting Tab
+ Enter . Paste the following code:
[(control x) (control y)]
(lambda ()
"Open a dired buffer on the BBB"
(dired "/ssh:bbb:/home/debian")))
Position the point, what Emacs calls the cursor, after the last parenthesis. Then, press C-x
C-e to evaluate this snippet of Emacs Lisp. The mini buffer should echo the result. Now
press C-x C-y and you should see the home directory of BBB. Congratulations! You've
just customized Emacs! If you restart Emacs, however, you'll lose this convenient func-
tion, so you need to save it. If you are using the Emacs prelude, customizations should go
in ~/.emacs.d/personal/foo.el . You can save this buffer with C-x C-s and spe-
cify the filename.
If you enjoy using Emacs, you will probably enjoy changing Emacs, which can be done
with Emacs Lisp. Of course, Emacs contains a great manual to learn Emacs Lisp, An In-
troduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp . It can be accessed by pressing C-h i d and then
you can either scroll down to the manual or press m, type Emacs Lisp , and then press
Tab for tabcompletion to Emacs Lisp Intro .
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