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Creating an embedded development
environment with Emacs
With the BBB powered, we need to find a way to interact with it. We need a set of tools
that will connect to the BBB, send shell commands, and transfer files. This set of tools are
your development environment . Development environments are a personal choice and
there is no shortage of choices. Finding a suitable environment is well worth the time since
it will be the main tool, or tools, with which you interface. Your environment needs to be
technically capable of performing the tasks you need, but it also needs to be configurable
and extensible. The environment that is described here is fully contained within the Emacs
If you would rather use a specific Integrated Development Environment ( IDE ) such as
Eclipse, you can take a look at some useful tutorials at http://derekmolloy.ie/beaglebone/
setting-up-eclipse-on-the-beaglebone-for-c-development/ and http://janaxelson.com/ec-
lipse1.htm .
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