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Click on Your Settings . Then scroll down to the Networks section and click on Add .
Here you can add your BitlBee settings we previously created. The Network Name is
BitlBee and the Nickname is the BitlBee user you created. Under Servers of this IRC
Network , enter the following and replace the password with your BitlBee password:
localhost 6667 password
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Add Network to save. Now you can go back
to the Your Settings page and add other IRC networks in a similar manner. For this
chapter, let's add a freenode account as we'll be using it to demonstrate how to use OTR
over IRC. If you don't have one, you can make up a nick and enter the following in the
Servers of this IRC network section:
chat.freenode.net +6697
The +6697 indicates to ZNC that you want to connect to freenode using SSL on port
6697, which is the semi-official IRC TLS port. You can add channels by clicking on Add
under Channels and ZNC will not only keep you in the channel when your client de-
taches, but will playback the channel's conversation. You can specify how many lines to
playback by changing the Buffer Count setting in the Channel Info screen.
Connecting to ZNC from your IRC client
You can now connect to ZNC from your IRC client. Depending on the client, you should
be able to set your username and password in the server password field. If you re-
ceive an incorrect password warning and you are sure that you typed in the password cor-
rectly, set your password to username:password . You need to do this if using ERC.
More specifically, you should connect with M-x erc-tls and supply the IP of your
BBB, the port number of ZNC, username, and the password in the previous format.
If you've added multiple networks, the first messages you should see are the following
when you make your connection to your BBB:
-*status- You have several networks configured, but no
network was specified for the connection.
-*status- Selecting network [bitlbee]. To see list of all
configured networks, use /znc ListNetworks
-*status- If you want to choose another network, use /znc
JumpNetwork <network>, or connect to ZNC with username
zncbeagle/<network> (instead of just zncbeagle)
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