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Chatting with BitlBee
Chatting can be performed directly in the &bitlbee channel. Use IRC syntax to specify
the nick and BitlBee will direct it to the appropriate service. A basic chat session, between
maxine and gabriel_ice_japper , would look like this:
<maxine> gabriel_ice_jabber: when can we meet to talk about
<gabriel_ice_jabber> maxine: Tuesday at 10.
Alternatively, you can use the /query command to open a new window and chat directly
with the user. With this method, you don't have to specify the user's nick each time because
you and your buddy are in a private chat.
For those new to IRC, the following tutorial is a good introduction: http://www.irchelp.org/
irchelp/irctutorial.html . For those looking for ERC-specific help, the Emacs Wiki has some
resources: http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/ErcBasics .
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