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Adding a Google Talk account to BitlBee
A BitlBee account alone is not that useful. We need to add your other social media ac-
counts to BitlBee in order to make it useful. The first account we will add is a Google Talk
account. BitlBee supports other chat services such as Yahoo, AIM, XMPP, MSN, Face-
book, and Twitter, so you don't have to use a Google account. For the full list, refer to ht-
tp://wiki.bitlbee.org/FrontPage .
Unfortunately, in May 2013, Google announced its new communications product
Hangouts , which does not support XMPP, which is an IETF standard, but instead uses a
proprietary protocol. Specifically, Google Hangout does not support server-to-server feder-
ation support with XMPP. If you have an independent XMPP server, or have an account on
Jabber.org or the Free Software Foundation's server, it will no longer be possible to com-
municate with Google Hangout users. You can still use Google Talk, which fully supports
XMPP, but it is not clear when Google will retire Google Talk.
If you don't have a Google account, because of valid privacy concerns, you should read
Google has most of my e-mail because it has all of yours by Benjamin Mako Hill ht-
tp://mako.cc/copyrighteous/google-has-most-of-my-email-because-it-has-all-of-yours . The
author didn't use Gmail, but over 50 percent of his e-mails correspondence went to Google
servers. Unless you are encrypting your e-mail, Google servers have your correspondence.
To add your Gmail account in BitlBee, type the following into the &bitlbee channel:
account add jabber you@gmail.com
The BitlBee root account will respond with:
<root> Account successfully added with tag gtalk
<root> You can now use the /OPER command to enter the
<root> Alternatively, enable OAuth if the account supports
it: account gtalk set oauth on
We'll go ahead and enable OAuth :
acc gtalk set oauth on
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