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Using GPG
With your GPG private key created or imported, you can now use GPG on the BBB as you
would on any other computer. In Chapter 1 , Creating Your BeagleBone Black Development
Environment , you installed Emacs on your host computer. If you follow the GNU/Linux in-
structions, you can also install Emacs on the BBB. If you do, you'll enjoy automatic GPG
encryption and decryption for files that end in the .gpg extension. For example, suppose
you want to send a message to your good friend, Pirate Prentice, whose GPG key you
already have. Compose your message in Emacs, and then save it with a .gpg extension.
Emacs will prompt you to select the public keys for encryption and will automatically en-
crypt the buffer. If a GPG-encrypted message is encrypted to a public key, with which you
have the corresponding private key, Emacs will automatically decrypt the message if it
ends with .gpg . When using Emacs from the terminal, the prompt for encryption should
look like the following screenshot:
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