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Connecting the Scanner to the CryptoCape
We'll attach the fingerprint scanner to the CryptoCape. The Arduino compatible library for
this sensor was developed by Josh Hawley. This library is configured to use digital pin 4
for the receive pin on the ATmega and digital pin 5 as the transmit pin from the ATmega.
These pins are appropriately labeled D4 and D5 on the CryptoCape, just under the AT-
mega. The remaining two pins are 3.3V power and ground which are also on the same row
as the D4 and D5 pins. Attach the female ends of the jumper wires to these pins. If you are
using the SparkFun JST connector, the pins from the fingerprint scanner are in the follow-
ing order, starting with the black wire: D4, D5, GND, Power.
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