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Providing hardware authentication with
ATSHA204 and ATECC108
Both ATSHA204 and ATECC108 are authentication devices. Authentication is the process
of guaranteeing the identity of communicating parties and ensuring data integrity. Each
chip uses a different approach to authentication. The ATECC108 device uses elliptical
curve cryptography to provide the Elliptical Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
( ECDSA ). The ATSHA024 device uses a hash algorithm, SHA-256, to provide Hash
Based Message Authentication Codes ( HMAC ).
These two devices are not used in this topic, but you can download the software from ht-
tps://github.com/cryptotronix/hashlet and https://github.com/cryptotronix/eclet and see the
example usage for ATSHA204 and ATECC108 respectively.
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