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/* TPM */
tpm_i2c_atmel@29 {
compatible = "tpm_i2c_atmel";
reg = <0x29>;
The previous code snippet loads two kernel drivers for two devices on the I2C bus. The
first is the RTC at address 0x68. The DS3231M is compatible with the ds1307 driver.
The second is the TPM driver, tpm_i2c_atmel , which is located at address 0x29. The
EEPROM driver is automatically loaded and the other chips currently do not have a native
Linux kernel driver.
If you have your DTS file completed and want it included in the official BBB image, you
can submit a pull request to the previously mentioned repository that contains the
CryptoCape DTS file. Since this repository contains the existing DTS files for the
BeagleBone firmware, it is well worth studying if you are building your own cape.
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