Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 2.20
A second image has been opened in a new, free image window, laying on top of the maximized image window in the background.
The title bar displays the image's filename, color mode, the number of
layers, and the original size in pixels.
In GIMP version 2 and higher, the image window features a menu bar
where you will find familiar menus such as File , Edit , View , and so on. We will
discuss the items on each menu one by one later on. You will also find these
menu items in the image window's context menu (right-click the image
window to open it). The full menu as context menu of the image window is a
speciality of GIMP. In earlier versions of the program, this was the only way to
access the menu. Some users find that it's quicker to work within the context
The image window is bordered at the top and left by rulers . By default,
the rulers measure pixels. However, if you hover the cursor over a ruler and
then left-click, hold the left button down and pull the mouse, you can drag
guides into the image. Guides are very helpful for checking an angle or
selecting an area you want to crop from the image.
The image windows in the screen
shots in this topic show an additional
menu, Video . This is because GIMP's
animation package GAP has been
installed. A normal installation of
GIMP will not show this menu.
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