Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
2.3.2 Opening an Image
From the File menu in the Toolbox, select the Open menu item . The Open
Image window opens.
Figure 2.15
The Open Image window
In the left pane double-click on the drive or directory where you want to
search for an image.
The middle pane will now display subdirectories, which you can double-
click to open until you find the folder containing the image you want.
The buttons above the search boxes show where you are within the
specified directory path. If you're in the wrong subfolder, use these buttons
to move back to the main folders and start again until you've found the
appropriate file.
The middle pane will now display the files contained in the selected
folder, sorted alphabetically by name (the file used in this example is
sailboat.tif ).
You'll notice a scrollbar on the right-hand side of the Name box. Pull the
bar up or down to quickly search through the folder.
Once you've found the desired image, click on it to select it; then click the
Open button to load it. Or just double-click the image name in the Name box.
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