Image Processing Reference
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Since UFRaw 14.1, the program offers the option to convert a picture into
black and white. This option is deactivated as a default. If you are editing your
image in color, you don't need to bother with the Grayscale settings.
However, if you want a black-and-white image, you can convert it in
UFRaw. The program offers you the options for automatic conversion with
the following image characteristics: Lightness (controls the lightness of the
colors), Luminance (controls the amount of light, brilliance), Value (controls
the overall brightness of the image and luminosity). In addition, you can use
the Channel Mixer mode for manually developing your pictures according to
your own choice.
Figure 2.7
The UFRaw window when the Grayscale tab is chosen. UFRaw offers boundless possibilities to develop photos as black-and-white images.
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