Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 1.15
The Preferences window (Edit > Preferences) with the selection and setting for Window Management.
This allows you to set the image window as your background window.
When you start GIMP, you will see three windows. The first window to the
left is the Toolbox . The Toolbox actually consists of two windows: the top
half is allotted to the Toolbox with the various tools and the lower half to the
individual tools' settings respectively Tool Options . This section can be closed
and reopened later as a separate window. It also can be reattached to the
Toolbox again.
The image window in the middle is empty when you start GIMP. Since
version 2.6, it contains all the menus. You will also find all menus in the context
menu, which can be opened with the right mouse button. To shut down GIMP,
you use the image window's close button. This shut-down function is also
allotted to the Toolbox.
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