Image Processing Reference
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version of Python first. Then you can install GIMP. Thereafter, if required, you
can install the help files, UFRaw, and GAP (the GIMP animation package).
Here is the recommended installation sequence for Windows
GhostScript GS (e.g., gs864w32.exe ).
Optional: GSView (GhostScriptViewer, e.g., gsv49w32.exe ). This is a
freeware program that works without registration. (The registered
version costs US$40 and prevents the registration dialog from popping
up each time you start the program.) It is not required for GIMP. It is a
user interface (together with GhostScript) to view PostScript, EPS, and
PDF files.
Python Support (e.g., python-2.5.5.msi ), the PyGTK+ (e.g., pygtk-2.12.1-3.
win32py2.5.exe ).
GIMP with GTK+ ( gimp-2.6.10-i686-setup.exe ).
GIMP help ( gimp-help-2-2.6.0-en-setup.exe ).
UFRaw (ufraw-0.17-setup.exe).
GAP (GIMP animation package: Gimp-GAP-2.6.0-Setup.exe ).
Note that the new GIMP 2.6 version requires Windows 2000 SP4, Windows
XP SP2, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. The current version of
GIMP won't support older Windows versions.
The GIMP and UFRaw files download as executable installations files.
After the download, you must double-click the file name to start. Follow the
installation program's instructions and confirm the GNU license agreement
by clicking the Accept button or verify the questions by clicking Continue or
Next . Don't change the factory settings unless you know exactly what you are
doing. The default settings are sufficient.
Installing GIMP under Mac OS X
GIMP version 2.6 is currently available for Apple computers running Mac
OS version X 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6. Visit the website at
macintosh/ for general information about the GIMP for Mac OS, current
installation packages, and system requirements. The downloads can be found
at The RAW development program
UFRaw is included in the installation files for Mac OS X 10.4 and higher.
To install the GIMP on a Mac computer, you need X11 or XQuartz as an X
Window application for all Mac OS X versions first. It is advisable to download
and install the current version or to upgrade your installation using the update
function of your operating system.
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