Image Processing Reference
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1.5 Get GIMP Running
1.5.1 Where Can I Get GIMP?
GIMP is a free program for image editing, designed and developed for
the (largely) free Linux operating system. When Microsoft Windows users
discovered GIMP, their interest motivated the development of a Windows
version that has been available for several years now. The Windows version
and additional helpers or plug-ins can be downloaded for free from the
following locations.
GIMP's home page is at . You'll find links to versions
available for the Linux/UNIX, Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems
as well as many other interesting details.
• You can ind GIMP, GTK+, and additional packages for Windows at o r
projects/gimp-win/files/. .
• A Windows installer for the GIMP animation package GAP for GIMP
version 2.6.0 is available at .
GhostScript and GhostScriptViewer , the programs dealing with
PostScript and PDF for Linux and Windows, can be found at http://www. or
• GIMP supports plug-ins written in the Python programming language.
For Windows, you must first install Python and the PyGTK+. The
installer for Python is available at
releases/2.5.5 and the installer for the PyGTK+ at
pub/GNOME/binaries/win32/pygtk/2.12. For Windows, you should
choose an appropriate PyGTK+ version. The current version 2.6 from
November 2008 didn't work with GIMP under Window Vista. Version 2.5.5
works without any problems.
• Additional GIMP plug-ins can be found at
• Visit o r
books/ for a free GIMP user manual .
A revised version of the GIMP hack called GIMPshop by Scott Moschella has
been released. This GIMP variant is especially designed for converts: those
desiring to shuck Adobe Photoshop in favor of GIMP. However, it is based on
an older version of GIMP. GIMPshop features a GIMP menu structure adapted
from Photoshop, so its interface differs from the “original” GIMP.
Information about GIMPshop is available on Scott Moschella's website
at To download the program,
launch a Google search for “gimpshop”. The program is available as an
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