Image Processing Reference
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1.4.3 Using the Operating System's File
Management to Organize Photo Collections
For managing, sorting, collecting, and renaming images, the options offered by all
operating systems are usually sufficient. It is important to organize your collection
with a logical system so that you can quickly locate images at a later date. You may
want to consider the following criteria for the corresponding directories:
• Organizing images by topic (e.g., people: family, friends; and events:
vacation, holidays)
• Organizing images by image theme (e.g., lowers, cities, landscapes, stills)
• Organizing images by date
Figure 1.11
In Windows 7, the “Change your view” menu button in Libraries > Pictures
Use the file management menu of your computer's operating system to
create the directories. Then you can sort, rename, move, or copy your images.
Windows offers several view options to facilitate the representation of
image files in folders. In Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can preview images
as slide shows or as thumbnails with icons ranging from small to extra large,
as tiles or content, or as small icons with descriptive text.
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