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5.1 The IWarp Filter— a Closing Comment
As compensation for all the hard work, I would like introduce you
to something more cheerful. Take a look at the IWarp filter ( Filters >
Distorts > IWarp ).
The filter allows you deform an image interactively by using the Settings
options. This procedure is also known as morphing . It is not only used for fun,
it lets you make lips fuller, breasts more shapely and eyes brighter. This is really
used for “beauty enhancement” in magazines and advertising.
You could animate an image you've modified with the IWarp filter.
Therefore, you should save the finished image with the created individual
layers in the XCF format. Once the GIMP animation package is installed, you
can create a video. I will admit that I failed to play back my animation under
Windows Vista due to codec problems.
The use of the filter is rather easy though. Select the desired deformation
attributes and settings in the filter's dialog. By clicking on the preview image
and dragging with the cursor, you can interactively deform the image. Enjoy!
Figure 5.1
The author, warped
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