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The Digikam and gPhoto programs support importing images under
Linux. Even if these programs do not support your digital camera, you can
load images directly from the memory card if you have a USB card reader.
Linux normally uses USB-Storage to support the popular USB card readers
when reading data from a camera's memory card. Instead of using a cable to
connect your camera to your computer, simply insert the camera's memory
card into the card reader and copy the data to your hard disk; the process is
similar to that described for Windows.
You can find further information about these programs at the following
The Photo Gallery is part of
Windows Vista (Home Premium and
Ultimate). For Windows 7, it has to
be downloaded and installed as part
of the free programs in the Windows
Live package. Under Windows
Live , you can find free programs for
your PC as well as some online Web
services for e-mail, chat, and more.
You can download the programs
from http://
1.4.2 Using Wizards to Import Images
Many digital camera manufacturers package their cameras with programs that
import images and handle basic image management and image editing tasks,
such as composing photo albums and slide shows, removing red-eye, rotating
and cropping images, and so on. In addition, these programs normally offer
printing options.
When images are copied to the computer, folders are created and
organized by default. However, if you prefer to create and organize your own
folders, you can use the options provided by your operating system and do
entirely without these programs. Be aware that in some events the installation
of a packaged program may block the Import Wizard.
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