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4.4.7 Using Filters to Color and
Bleach an Image
Some filters offer the option to subsequently color
your image, give it a vintage feel, and make it look
like a pencil drawing or convert it into a grayscale
An interesting filter to color images can be found
under Filters > Decor > Old Photo . This filter can create
more than just a sepia-toned photo. If desired, the
image can be altered with various effects to give it
an aged look. However, this script-fu doesn't have
a preview function. You just have to activate or
deactivate the various check boxes and see what the
outcome is. I'll leave it to you to experiment with this
Another filter that is installed in GIMP alters your
picture, both color or black and white, into a grayscale
image with great effects. It is the Photocopy filter
( Filters > Artistic > Photocopy ). The application is so
easy that you should try it out.
You can also find a wonderful filter called Pencil
drawing from photo that alters a picture (both black-
and-white and color), as the name implies, into a
pencil drawing. But note that this script-fu works
only on images in RGB mode. You can find it on the
website GIMP Plug-ins Registry ( http://registry.gimp.
org/node/11108) or on this topic's DVD under Script-
Fus .
Figure 4.35
The Old Photo dialog and an aged picture as a result of
using the filter
Another grayscale filter that creates images that
look like drawings is Quick sketch ( http://regist ry. 1 ). This is also a so-called script-fu.
One of the sliders controls the display. Try it!
When installed, the Pencil drawing
from photo and Quick sketch script-
fus create new entries in the menu
of the image window.
Figure 4.36
The window of the Photocopy filter (Filters > Artistic >Photocopy)
with all the possible settings
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