Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
• Open or load the portrait.xcf image.
• Export the red-copy layer from the Layers dialog of portrait-RGB.xcf by
dragging and dropping it (click on it and hold down the left mouse
button, then drag it) onto the portrait.xcf image.
• Now you'll ind the red-copy layer in the Layers dialog of the portrait.xcf
image. Set it to active. Right-click on this layer to open the context menu
and select the Alpha to Selection option.
• Invert the selection.
• Click the eye icon to make the red-copy layer invisible.
• Set the portrait layer to active.
• Choose Edit > Clear and delete the background from the portrait layer.
• Delete the selection ( Select > None ).
• Create a new layer called Background .
• Fill this layer with a color or feathering of your choice.
• Save your image.
Figure 4.27
The finished image portrait.xcf. With the method shown you can
work out the fine details.
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