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Figure 3.71
The font characteristics in the tool settings of the Text tool. The result is depicted in the image window and includes all paths, the
circle, and the two paths from the split-up text in the Paths dialog.
You still have to add the text. In the next step, remove the link between
the two paths in the dialog by clinking the chain link symbol next to the
preview image. You just want to add the text and not the circle. Then click on
the path with the text to activate it. Click the Path to selection button at the
bottom of the Paths dialog (or alternatively choose Select > From Path ). You
can't use anti-aliasing for a color pixel filling as would normally be the case
using the Text tool . However, you can add some feathering to the selection.
In this example, this is not necessary because soft borders are automatically
created along the curved and slanted letters as they are added.
Activate the text on circle layer and fill it with the selected color. This time
choose Edit > Fill with FG Color . Keep in mind that you should deselect the
selection before you give your text a drop shadow and a beveled edge with
the following filters: Filters > Light and Shadow > Drop Shadow and Filters >
Decor > Add Bevel .
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