Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 3.69
Light reflections created with self-made brushes and the corresponding settings in the Brush Editor
The Lens Flare Filter
Glass especially will look more three-dimensional and shiny in your image if
you set photographic lighting effects. The Lens Flare filter ( Filters > Light and
Shadow > Lens Flare ) is ideal for this effect. It works on the active layer, so be
sure that the layer with the wine glass is activated.
When you select the Lens Flare filter, a dialog with a preview image
appears. Use this dialog to numerically define the position where you want
to set a highlight.
If you select the Show position option and subsequently click the preview
image in the dialog, things get easier. You can now simply use your mouse to
select and/or change the position of a highlight. When you're done, click the
OK button to accept your changes. The effect will be calculated and added to
the image.
Figure 3.70
The Lens Flare filter dialog
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