Image Processing Reference
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Manipulate the path using the control point handles until you're totally
satisfied with the selection path. If you feel you need a more precise curve,
just add another point to the path.
Just click the curve next to an existing control point and a new one will
be created. If it got there by mistake, you can quickly get rid of it by using
Undo History . Or, simply click on the point while pressing Ctrl+Shift to delete it.
While the point is being deleted, the mouse cursor becomes a Paths tool icon
with a minus sign.
When you have completed the path around the wine glass, your image
should look similar to the one in figure 3.66. Remember to close the path
selection by merging the first and last control points while holding down the
Ctrl key (see section 3.11.2).
If you press the Shift key while
clicking and dragging on a control
point, the handles of that anchor
point will work in parallel to each
other (i.e., be dragged in the
opposite direction with the same
length). This option enables you to
easily create tangents and turning
points while avoiding awkward-
looking sharp bends.
Figure 3.66
A path in the image window (contour line) and the Layers, Channels, Paths, Undo dialog with the Paths dialog activated (elevated tab).
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