Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Check the Preview control at the bottom of the Hue-Saturation window so
you can interactively view your modifications as you go in the image window.
What's still missing?
• If you have not done so yet, add text with Easter greetings.
• If you wish, add some bevel and a drop shadow to your text.
• You'll need to position, scale, and rotate the eggs until your composition
is balanced to your satisfaction.
• Save your image as eastercard.xcf .
You have learned quite a bit about working with layers and masks.
You know the most important color tools, and you can now create digital
brushes, which allows you to produce new image objects, paint existing and
new objects, insert text, and transform objects. And this is only the tip of the
iceberg. Now you will learn how to select free forms using the Free Select tool
as a polygon select tool. And you will get to know a tool that enables you
to create arbitrary shapes. It's called the Paths tool . You can use it to cut an
image object exactly at its contour or to create free, transformable shapes. The
following section will define how the Free Select tool and the Paths tool work
and what they are typically used for. You will also learn more about filters for
light effects.
3.10 Extracting Image Objects with
Select and Masking Tools
You have just learned about layers and the tools to handle and administer
them. You have also learned a considerable amount about selections and
select tools. And you have begun to make image collages.
The subject of this section is selecting and extracting image objects
and assembling them to create new images. In the following sections, I will
introduce the most important tools for extracting and cutting out image
objects, and I will illustrate the use of some more complex selection and
masking tools. The topic will be collages and image compositions, and you
will put together and compose the content yourself.
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