Image Processing Reference
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• Right-click on the Layers dialog and select the Merge Visible Layers item
from the context menu. Click Merge in the Merge Visible Layers dialog to
accept your changes.
• Open the greetingcard.xcf image. Save it again as eastercard.xcf .
• Drag the recently modiied layer from the image workingegg.xcf onto the
eastercard.xcf image window and, subsequently, drop it.
• Give the new layer a descriptive new name in the Layers dialog (for
example, red egg). Now position the layer underneath both the text and
the text shadow layers.
• Position the egg in the image so that you can see it entirely, including the
drop shadow. Otherwise, you could chop some of it of in the following
• Scale the size of the egg (choose Layer > Scale Layer or Tools > Transform
Tools > Scale or just use the Scale tool from the Toolbox). Then place it in
the image and use the Rotate tool to slightly adjust it.
• It could help to reduce the size of the layer to include only the egg with
it´s shadow. Therefore, select the Layer > Autocrop Layer menu item.
• Right-click on the red egg layer in the Layers dialog, then select Duplicate
from the context menu. Click on duplicate twice to make two new layers.
Name one layer blue-egg and the other yellow-egg .
• Position the newly created eggs (which are still red) on the image where
they are entirely visible. (Activate the layer, click the Move tool on it, and
• Switch the newly created layers around in the Layers dialog in the spatial
arrangement and the order you prefer.
• Scale and rotate each egg according to your liking. Be sure to check the
Keep aspect box in the Tool Options or hold the Ctrl key while scaling an
• Select the blue-egg layer in the Layers dialog. Choose Colors > Hue-
Saturation . Move the Hue slider until the egg turns blue. Repeat for the
yellow-egg layer, but tweak the Hue slider to color the egg yellow this
• Save the changes as eastercard.xcf
In the following section, you'll take a closer look at the Hue-Saturation
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