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3.8.2 Creating a Frame with Pattern
The basic steps for creating a frame with a pattern are almost identical to
those previously described. The only difference is that you'll need to create a
selection for your frame.
The Procedure
Follow these steps to create a frame with a pattern:
• Open the girl-color.png image from the SampleImages folder on the DVD.
• Choose Image > Canvas Size to increase the width or height of the canvas
to the desired size. Press Enter . Since the chain icon is closed, each side
will be increased proportionately. Click the Center button; then click
Resize to enlarge the canvas.
• Add an alpha channel (using the right-click menu in the Layers dialog)
to the background layer of your image. Add a new layer underneath the
existing one in the image and colorize it white or with any other desired
Figure 3.54
The image with guides and selection before inverting the selection
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