Image Processing Reference
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Figure 3.33
The image with the colorized and scaled cloudysky layer
3.6.3 Step 2: Creating and Positioning an Image
Object on a New Layer
Next, you'll be painting and positioning the sun. Creating a new layer, sun ,
should not prove difficult. The Move tool and its options will be described in
detail later, but first, here's an overview of the work you'll be doing:
• Create a layer named sun and position it underneath the landscape layer.
• Select a very light yellow shade as the foreground (painting) color.
• In the Brush dialog ( Windows > Dockable Dialogs > Brushes ), select a round,
soft brush. Increase its diameter to approximately 300 px by selecting a
brush in the Brush dialog, clicking the Edit button, and setting the radius
in the Brush Editor .
• Draw a round sun by clicking the Paintbrush tool on the sun layer. Use the
Move tool's option Move the Active Layer to move the sun to the desired
position in your image.
• If required, resize the sun layer by choosing Layer > Layer to Image Size
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