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colored area of your image with the Fuzzy Select tool , you can make a
selection. Pay attention to the settings (double-click on the Fuzzy Select
tool to open the docking window if you need to). Click the Add to the
current selection button next to Mode . For Threshold (color similarity),
move the slider to select a value that determines how much tolerance
for color variation will be allowed. For this exercise, a value of 20
is recommended because the sky contains several shades of blue.
Instead of activating the Add to the current selection option next to Mode
in the Fuzzy Select tool's option window, you may use the Shift key. Also
while holding the Shift key down and clicking with the Fuzzy Select tool ,
you can add more areas to an existing selection.
Select Tool Options
Let's have a closer look at the tool options for selections. Though these options
vary depending on the selected tool, they all have a Mode option that lets you
use different select tools consecutively to create a selection.
Example: Select by Color Tool
The Mode function in this dialog offers the following options:
Replace the current selection : Creating a new selection on the image
deletes an existing selection and creates a new one.
Add to the current selection : You can use the tool, or similar tools,
consecutively to add to an existing selection. (Note that the Mode > Add
to the current selection option must be selected prior to using the tool.)
The newly selected image areas will be grouped as a single selection.
Subtract from the current selection : This option allows the selected
tool to deduct an area from an existing selection.
Intersect with the current selection : If a selection exists, you can use
this option to create a new selection that will be automatically intersected
with the existing selection; the result is a new selection, covering the area
the two given selections had in common.
Figure 3.25
The options available in the Fuzzy
Select tool settings dialog
The preceding options are common
to all select tools. Have fun
experimenting with different select
tools and settings as you create and
edit your masterpiece.
Additional options, specific to the Fuzzy Select tool , are listed here:
Antialiasing : This option removes the aliasing or step effect (i.e., sharp
“steps” at the border of a selection that result from cutting with a mask
without feathering). It spreads pixels at the border from opaque toward
transparent, creating an integral, natural look when copying and pasting
objects. Without anti-aliasing, a copied element will look like it was cut by
scissors and slapped on the image.
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