Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 3.22
The surface perspective for which the inserted image data is adapted is applied.
To illustrate, the corners are highlighted in red.
After the surface perspective is defined, switch to the Perspective Clone
tool settings. Select a suitable brush, set Source to Image , and set Alignment
to Aligned .
If you want to insert image data from a different image, you must inform
the program. Simply hold the Ctrl key and click into the other image. However,
cloning from another image can prove difficult. The best way to approach this
is to copy the desired section and insert it into the main image. Then apply the
Perspective tool to fit the section into the image.
For our example, we'll use data from the same image. Next, click into the
title bar of the window to activate it again. Then you have to collect image
data with the tool. It works just like the Clone tool . Select one corner point and
apply it exactly on another corner point.
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