Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Undo : With this option, you can undo any unwanted adjustments, edits,
or strokes; the number of backward steps you can take depends on the
amount of memory you allocated when setting up the preferences. This
is easy to use if you want to go one step backwards. Otherwise, use Undo
History in the dock window.
Redo : This option repeats your last painting or editing step or redoes
your last undo.
Fade : This option is generally inactive and grayed out. You can activate
it when you work with the Bucket Fill or Blend tools or after using some
of the filters. You can change the Mode and Opacity of your last drawing
action. This option allows to blend the original state of a layer and the last
work step executed on it.
Undo History : This option accesses the Undo History dialog in the dock
Cut : This option cuts a selected area and copies it to the clipboard.
Copy: This option copies the current selection and saves it to the
Copy Visible : This option copies the image contents of all visible layers
to the clipboard, where they now can be grouped and inserted as a new
Paste : This option places the clipboard's contents onto the current image.
The pasted section is a floating selection.
Paste Into : This option inserts the contents of the clipboard into an
existing selection in the current image.
Paste as : Paste as > New Image inserts the contents of the clipboard into a
new image window, creating a new image that contains the pasted data.
Paste as > New Layer assembles the content of the clipboard in any image
as a new layer. There is also the option of using the copied content of a
selection and creating a new brush or new pattern.
Bufer : This command cuts the contents of a selection from the active
layer, but instead of storing the contents on the global clipboard, it saves
them in a special buffer. Use the pop-up dialog to name the buffer.
Clear : This function lets you delete all contents within a current selection.
Fill with FG Color : This option fills a selected closed area (or the active
layer if no selection was chosen) with the current foreground color.
Fill with BG Color : This option fills the selected area (or active layer if no
selection was chosen) with the current background color.
Fill with Pattern : This option fills the selected area with the pattern
currently selected in the Toolbox.
Stroke Selection : This option draws a contour on the border of the
current selection. The stroke width in the current foreground color can
be adjusted. This option is also suitable for contoured fonts.
Stroke Path : This option draws a contour in the active foreground color
on the border of a selected path. The width can be adjusted.
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