Image Processing Reference
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3.1.3 The Select Menu
Figure 3.3
The Select menu options
You can access the options available for modifying a selection from the Select
All : This option selects the entire image area displayed on the visible
layer, which was selected in the Layers dialog. You can edit this area and/
or copy it to create a new layer by using the Edit menu options.
None : This option deletes the current selection. You must delete a
selection after editing in order to continue working normally and also to
create new selections.
Invert : This option inverts the current selection, producing a negative of
it. Say, for example, that you want to select an object on a transparent
layer. Often it is easier to use the Fuzzy Select tool (Magic Wand) to select
the transparent area around the object than to trace around the object.
In the next step, apply the Select > Invert menu item. Now the image
object itself is selected.
Float : This option creates a floating selection. Floating selections are
temporary layers that are built when you paste an object that had been
copied to the clipboard. Floating selections must either be anchored or
inserted as a new layer before you can continue working.
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