Image Processing Reference
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You can dissolve the contours of the compression artifacts with the
values shown in figure 2.83 without the noise getting too colorful.
Using the Spread filter ( Filters > Noise > Spread ) is an interesting way
to distort your image. It creates the effect of looking through frosted glass.
Another filter with an interesting effect that can cover up your unwanted
patterns is the Oilify filter ( Filters > Artistic > Oilify ). This filter simulates the
stroke of a brush in an oil painting. The sliders control the size of the brush
strokes and the colors remain the same. You can achieve an effect of course
film grain in high-resolution images.
Figure 2.84
The Oilify filter
window. The Mask
size setting of 3 is
the smallest “paint
brush” you can
select. Selecting the
check boxes for the
maps helps keep
The Mask size slider controls the size of your “paint brush” while the
Exponent slider controls the vividness of the individual “brush stroke”.
To actually emulate a film grain, you can download several plug-ins from
I would like to introduce two more filters that can cover up blemishes.
However, these two alter your image much more than the others.
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