Image Processing Reference
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would still be at hand but concealed. If you leave Resize Layers set to None ,
you can select the visible image sections in the image window with the
Move Tool . To enlarge the layer to image size, you can delete the hidden
image information in an additional step by selecting Image > Fit Canvas
to Layers .
• Finally, click the Resize button to crop the image.
2.3.9 Saving Your Image
Now that you've finished editing the image, it's time to save it. In fact, you'd
be wise to make a habit of saving any image you are planning to modify
immediately after opening it. Just save it as a new file with its own filename.
This preparatory step will ensure several things:
• Your original remains unchanged.
• You do not overwrite your original by mistake.
• You can save any desired change to the new image immediately.
Figure 2.29
The File menu in the image window.
Figure 2.30
The simplest version of the Save Image dialog. The Save
In Folder drop-down list lets you select a storage location
from your main folders or Favorites. (Figure 2.31 shows
the dialog with all panes open.)
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